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PosterPrinter Paper

With the wide variety of PosterPrinter paper color choices, one will be perfect for your application.

Use the links below for more information about each type of quality paper, including compatibility information for the ProImage 36 color PosterPrinter. PosterPrinter paper can also be used by Fuji, Lanier, MCSI, Chartprinter and Minnesota-Western wide format printers.

Direct thermal & transfer plus papers:

Transfer Plus PosterPrinter Papers

Transfer Plus poster printer paper An ideal choice for posters or banners. TPP paper resists fading in sunlight and provides brighter colors. Ink is included as a part of the paper, meaning there are no messy ribbons or ink bottles to deal with. TPP posters and signs can be laminated to make your visuals permanent.

Standard Direct Thermal
PosterPrinter Papers

Standard poster printer paperAn economical paper for a wide variety of everyday applications such as indoor banners, posters, flip charts, teaching materials and more. Includes fluorescent paper.

Heavy Duty Poly PosterPrinter Papers

Poly PaperPoly paper is actually a plastic-based "paper" that is water and tear resistant. It is ideal for visual aids, posters and banners that are handled frequently or used outdoors. This is a heavy duty paper that can take a beating and last.

Fluorescent Paper

Yellow on Black Fluorescent Paper
Black on Yellow Fluorescent Paper

Bright yellow fluorescent paper creates posters, signs and banners that attract attention and get noticed.

With PosterPrinter papers you don't have to make do--you get the right paper for the job.

Call today for more information or to place your order for PosterPrinter paper. Same day shipping is provided on most orders placed before 3:30pm (pacific time)!

Varitronics Pro36 papers

The Pro36 full-color PosterPrinter can use any of the PosterPrinter paper listed on this page. However the above papers can not be used for full-color printing on the Pro36. The above PosterPrinter papers have the color built into the paper. For printing in full-color on the Pro36 (full-color printing requires using color ribbons) use any of the following papers:

Synthetic Poly Paper: This paper is a plastic material similar to Heavy Duty Poly paper, but it has no Direct Thermal or Transfer Plus properties. All imaging is done with the Pro36 colored ribbons. It is very durable and resistant to water and tears. Available in white only.

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl: Perfect for outdoor use, Adhesive-Backed Vinyl posters can be stuck directly to walls without additional fastening. All imaging is done with the Pro36 colored ribbons. Available in white only.

Coated Paper: This is a low cost alternative to vinyl and poly paper. This paper has no Direct Thermal or Transfer Plus properties, all of the imaging is provided by the Pro36 colored ribbons.

Poster printer paper can also be used by printers made by Lanier, Fuji, Chartprinter, MCSI and Minnesota-Western.

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